Maurinews acts as a one-stop agency for all your writing needs, whether to devise a simple business slogan, to carve a speech that captures your audience, to prepare a business project, to edit your web content, or to produce quality reports based on enhanced research on any topic, be it economics, politics, society, business, financial, marketing, etc. Just relax, leave all your worries to us, and let us think and write for you. We save you time, money and energy.

We specialise in both English and French.

Maurinews offers the following services:


–        Editing services

–        Translation

–        Article writing

–        Feature writing

–        Freelance journalism work

–        Investigative journalism

–        Advertorial

–        Speech writing

–        Report writing

–        Human stories

–        Web content writing

–        Newsletter, periodicals, magazines

–        Promotional texts for leaflets, brochures, etc

–        Business slogans, marketing catchphrases etc

–        Research work (social, economic, legal, etc)

–        Business plans, Market survey, customer satisfaction survey, mystery shopper, etc

–        Business/Economic/Financial research, analysis and reports

–        Social research and reports

–        Website development, blogs

–       Marketing literature